Galish Technologies Limited – Introduction

The Vision

Over many years of providing consultancy services, IT hardware and software products to some of the worlds leading organisations and governments, the team behind Galish Technologies Ltd has gained insight into the needs and concerns users and IT departments. Perennial requirements are the demand for quick and comprehensive search tools and solutions that do not need continuous maintenance, configuring and patching.

The Opportunity

Company websites can answer questions instantly for employees and customers, but only if they can find the information they need. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. Documents can be forgotten, mislabeled, or just difficult to find. The result is valuable information that can’t be accessed and precious time is lost..

Organisations require a Corporate Search Tool that is as good as a public internet search engine’s and just as easy to use.


Any solution will require database capabilities and large amounts of processing power and data storage. Using an existing IT infrastructure to provide this capability is inherently risky and could have serious detrimental affects on core IT systems. Ideally, the corporate search solution should have its own hardware and be capable of searching for documents and data across almost all of an organisation’s systems.

The Product

WordLion is a standalone server and software solution dedicated to indexing a company’s intranet documents, shared drives and databases. WordLion is provided pre-configured for each customer, requiring no administration or configuration by the customer. WordLion is capable of storing details on millions of documents and able to provide cached versions of indexed documents to users. WordLion can to index and cache different types of documents, including MS Word, Excel and PDF files giving users the ability to view the content of files for which they have no installed application.


Add WordLion to an intranet and users will immediately see the same fast, accurate search results that they expect on the internet. WordLion will require no additional resources to deploy, no user training, and should be up and crawling intranet content in minutes.


WordLion’s modular, clustered and load balanced design will allow for simple stepped increases in capacity and processing power through the addition of extra WordLion servers.

Customer Benefits

WordLion Corporate Search Tool gives enterprise users fast, accurate access to company information. It would make a company more productive without the large up-front investments and hidden costs of traditional enterprise search products.

WordLion enables workers to make the fullest use of the knowledge their company has already created. Providing users with a fast and accurate search tool will increase Intranet search use. There is no requirement to spend money on training employees because they are already familiar with how to use standard internet search engines.


To find out more about Galish and WordLion, contact us by sending an email to Jeremy at Galish.com or call +353(0)87 817 6886


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